Igor Zapolski

Python Programmer / Maker

Igor Zapolski

Python Programmer / Maker

My projects

Discord bot [repo]

Simple bot in python. For now it can roll a dice.

RoR i18n helper [repo]

While working on multilingual web app based on Ruby on Rails I found it tedious to find missing translations in each .yml file for each language. Thats when I came with idea to write tool, that will help me with this task. And it was great opportunity to start learning new programming language that I wanted to learn for some time: Python. This small script compares two .yml files and outputs missing strings from second one in spreadsheet. Translating this way is a lot easier.

3D printed mask adapter

During 2020 Covid-19 pandemic when someone asked me to desing adapter for new diving mask (Aquaspeed), so it could have had mounted virus filters, I get to work right away. My friend did most of the printing, I helped him with setting and calibrating printer and print parameters.
Photo of adapter sitting on 3D printer glass bed


DIY PC racing chair

Using old training equpment and OSB boards I made frame for Logitech G27 racing wheel with pedals and shifter. Attached Suzuki Samurai chair for better immersion and customization.
Photo of mentioned racing chair with wheel mounted

Racing rig